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Tara recently helped us buy a great house!

The whole experience was wonderful! She had our back at every step. Tara really took care of us! I'd recommend her highly!

Angela Haycock

Met Tara by looking at a listing she had.

Explained my situation and the bad experiences I've had with other realtors that are just out to line their pockets, not really help you with what you need. Without being asked, Tara took the time to search for homes that I was looking for, and in the price range I wanted to be. She was always there to answer the phone when i called and always went the extra mile to get things done. After finding a home to buy, she worked very hard to make sure the escrow went through as quickly as possible. She went above and beyond what was expected and has great customer service. I will call her again when I'm looking to sell or buy next time.

Jon F

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